Camp Hill Townhouses

One of our favorite projects of the year, completing the Camp Hill Townhouses really put our designers to the test as they required these extra High Quality - High Dusk Renders in different shapes and sizes. We provided them with an amazing ‘extra wide’ High Dusk front exterior to capture the whole project up close with Interior renders of the Living, Bathroom and Balcony. Check out some the awesome features we can add to provide that Extra WOW!

High Dusk Definition

With the use of lighting and shadow effects our designers are able to create your next project with a stunning finish that will Impress your investors and sell to your clients.


Extra Wide Capture

Sometimes the standard size just doesn’t capture everything that you want show and if you bring that right back you might miss the finer details. With an extra wide shot we can give you High Quality renders of things that matter. Capturing everything up close.

Mirror effects

The use of mirroring effects in both mirrors and other reflective surfaces can be the difference between a good render and a great render. Check out our use of the following below.


Sunridge Street Duplex

Have a look at this amazing new duplex project we created with 3D Marketing Renders. We really loved the design of this project and their choice of colors and decoration. We provided them with a streetscape of the front exterior as well as a number of incredible interior renders showcasing the Dining, Alfresco, Kitchen and Bathroom. 3D Renders from BHQ Design can be the best way to showcase your pre built project.

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Chermside Townhouses Brisbane.

Take a look at this awesome townhouse house project we assisted with by providing 3D marketing renders for. Located in the suburb of Chermside, Brisbane, this project is a block of 8, 2 & 3 story townhouses. We provided our clients with this site perspective giving great insight into the whole project.

Additionally we provided a number of exteriors of the front, as well as Interior renders of the master bedroom, bathroom and living area overlooking the balcony. Getting you renders done with BHQ Design in easy. Within 2 - 3 weeks we can complete your marketing renders so you can get your project selling fast. Give us a call on (07) 562 8 7028 to discuss your next project.

Amazing new Apartment Project

Check out these amazing new apartments we had the privilege of creating 3D Realistic Renders for. We provided our clients with this High Dusk Definition Street Scape to showcase the apartment exteriors, a glimpse inside the apartment and the surrounding environment.


Additionally we provided renders of their outdoor alfresco area, living area, kitchen, bathroom and main bedroom. Take a look at some of the renders provided below. BHQ Design can bring your ideas to life with 3D Realistic Renders that will get you get your projects Sold. Call us now on  07 562 8 7028 to discuss your next project

Gaythorne Townhouses, Brisbane.

Have a look at this new townhouse project going to market in Gaythorne, Brisbane. We provided them with a 3D Render and walkthrough package showcasing the interior and exterior of the homes.  

3D Video Walkthroughs by BHQ Design can be an extremely effective way to show your not yet built development to prospective clients and investors. Taking you on a virtual tour of the project, we can show the finer details and provide you with a real sense of being in the end development before you have even started to build. 

Clear Water Springs by Fowler Homes

One of our Favorite Projects of the Year! Have a look at his unique residential property by Fowler Homes we provided High Definition 3D Renders for. We provided our clients with several exteriors, showcasing the front and back yard area, unique building exterior and underground garage parking. We also provided several Multi Space renders showing the spacious living dining area overlooking the backyard.

BHQ Design can bring your ideas to life with Street Scape Exterior Renders in High Definition Call us now on  07 562 8 7028 to discuss your next project. 

Alice Springs Apartments - Alice Stars

Have a look at this amazing new project we created 3D Renders for a few months ago located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. We provided our clients with a number of exterior streets capes showcasing the large apartment development overlaid onto this unique location in the Australian Outback. We also provided them Interiors of the Bedroom & Living Area and an exterior shot of the swimming pool. 

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Robert Street Apartments - Western Australia.

Check out this new project we just finished 3D Renders for last week. We had the opportunity to provide these beautiful shots of Abel Lings Architects brand new 7 story development in Western Australia. We provided them with both HD and High Dusk street scape's with a Render of the entrance and rooftop mezzanine. 3D Renders from BHQ Design  is the perfect way to market and presell your apartments before your project is completed!

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Mosaic Apartments Maroochydore

Check out these 6 new apartments we had rendered for our client the Mosaic Property Group to showcase a number of there different rooms being built in their new 7 story waterfront development. 

BHQ Design Australia has been positioning itself in the 3D Space over the last 3 years as the go to company for property developers and architects to sell there visions using the 3D medium.

Now it is easier than ever to showcase your new developments by taking your prospective customer through a virtual Tour for a fraction of what it would cost to build a display home

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